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    Remove legacy routing code · ac7fb1b2
    Lukas Reschke authored
    The getfile routing code was absolutely legacy and not needed anymore. Additionally \OC::$REQUESTEDAPP was never set to the actually accessed application.
    This commit removes the legacy routing code and ensures that $REQUESTEDAPP is always set so that other applications (e.g. the firewall or a two-factor authentication) can intercept the currently accessed app.
    [x] Installation works
    [x] Login with DB works
    [x] Logout works
    [x] Login with alternate backend works (tested with user_webdavauth)
    [x] Other apps are accessible
    [x] Redirect on login works (e.g. index.php?redirect_url=%2Fcore%2Findex.php%2Fsettings%2Fapps%3Finstalled)
    [x] Personal settings are accessible
    [x] Admin settings are accessible
    [x] Sharing files works
    [x] DAV works
    [x] OC::$REQUESTEDAPP contains the requested application and can be intercepted by other applications