Commit 0d76a211 authored by Dan Bartram's avatar Dan Bartram
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Clear up confusion of log_rotate_size config value

Remove the second comment which could be confused with suggesting an invalid value: `// 100 MiB`.

To keep the easily readable example value, it has been moved into the comment header for the config item.
parent cea70298
......@@ -207,8 +207,9 @@ $CONFIG = array(
* will stay limited and older entries are available for a while longer. The
* total disk usage is twice the configured size.
* WARNING: When you use this, the log entries will eventually be lost.
* Example: To set this to 100 MiB, use the value: 104857600 (1024*1024*100 bytes).
'log_rotate_size' => false, // 104857600, // 100 MiB
'log_rotate_size' => false,
/* Lifetime of the remember login cookie, default is 15 days */
"remember_login_cookie_lifetime" => 60*60*24*15,
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