Commit 2a280e2f authored by Roeland Jago Douma's avatar Roeland Jago Douma Committed by Lukas Reschke
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Remove private deprecated OC_Helper::linkToRoute

parent 9fe3d2f1
......@@ -53,19 +53,6 @@ use Symfony\Component\Process\ExecutableFinder;
class OC_Helper {
private static $templateManager;
* Creates an url using a defined route
* @param string $route
* @param array $parameters with param=>value, will be appended to the returned url
* @return string the url
* @deprecated Use \OC::$server->getURLGenerator()->linkToRoute($route, $parameters)
* Returns a url to the given app and file.
public static function linkToRoute($route, $parameters = array()) {
return OC::$server->getURLGenerator()->linkToRoute($route, $parameters);
* Creates an absolute url
* @param string $app app
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