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Merge pull request #21244 from owncloud/remove-unavailable-setting-from-sample-config

enforce_home_folder_naming_rule cannot be configured in config.php
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......@@ -798,22 +798,6 @@ $CONFIG = array(
'ldapUserCleanupInterval' => 51,
* Enforce the existence of the home folder naming rule for all users
* Following scenario:
* * a home folder naming rule is set in LDAP advanced settings
* * a user doesn't have the home folder naming rule attribute set
* If this is set to **true** (default) it will NOT fallback to the core's
* default naming rule of using the internal user ID as home folder name.
* If this is set to **false** it will fallback for the users without the
* attribute set to naming the home folder like the internal user ID.
'enforce_home_folder_naming_rule' => true,
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