Commit 45e24759 authored by Morris Jobke's avatar Morris Jobke
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Add a test that reproduces #20686

* user with a quota of 0 gets a file shared and can't update this file
  because the wrong quota is used to verify if the update is allowed
parent fae6643e
......@@ -495,3 +495,14 @@ Feature: sharing
And user "user2" does not exist
And user "user1" should see following elements
| /myFOLDER/myTMP/ |
Scenario: Check quota of owners parent directory of a shared file
Given using dav path "remote.php/webdav"
And As an "admin"
And user "user0" exists
And user "user1" exists
And user "user1" has a quota of "0"
And User "user0" moved file "/welcome.txt" to "/myfile.txt"
And file "myfile.txt" of user "user0" is shared with user "user1"
When User "user1" uploads file "data/textfile.txt" to "/myfile.txt"
Then the HTTP status code should be "204"
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