Commit 4893d2c0 authored by Lukas Reschke's avatar Lukas Reschke
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Show login again instead of JSON if CSRF check fails

Previously a JSON error page was shown to the user in-case the CSRF token was not valid. This was confusing and prevented people from login.

With this at least the login page is shown again and not a JSON error message. I consider this as sufficient since adding a new error page just for this sake would uneededly make lib/base.php even more cluttered and this is a edge-case which optimally should anyways not happen that often.

This can be tested by opening the login page, then clearing the cookies, and trying to login.
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......@@ -921,7 +921,9 @@ class OC {
return false;
if(!OC_Util::isCallRegistered()) {
return false;
//setup extra user backends
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