Commit 504645cf authored by Robin Appelman's avatar Robin Appelman
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Add bindParam to statement wrapper

parent d1f3f121
......@@ -169,4 +169,18 @@ class OC_DB_StatementWrapper {
public function fetchOne($colnum = 0) {
return $this->statement->fetchColumn($colnum);
* Binds a PHP variable to a corresponding named or question mark placeholder in the
* SQL statement that was use to prepare the statement.
* @param mixed $column Either the placeholder name or the 1-indexed placeholder index
* @param mixed $variable The variable to bind
* @param integer|null $type one of the PDO::PARAM_* constants
* @param integer|null $length max length when using an OUT bind
* @return boolean
public function bindParam($column, &$variable, $type = null, $length = null){
return $this->statement->bindParam($column, $variable, $type, $length);
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