Commit 80574c22 authored by Vincent Petry's avatar Vincent Petry Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #26445 from owncloud/make-dist-delete-composer-bin

Cleanup more third party stuff when building dist dir
parents eaad45ca 56fe3599
......@@ -171,12 +171,19 @@ $(dist_dir)/owncloud: $(composer_deps) $(core_vendor) $(core_all_src)
find $@ -name no-php -delete
rm -Rf $@/core/js/tests
rm -Rf $@/settings/tests
rm -Rf $@/apps/*/tests
rm -Rf $@/lib/composer/*/*/{tests,bin,examples}
rm -Rf $@/core/vendor/*/{.bower.json,bower.json,package.json,test,tests,testem.json,demo,demos}
find $@/{core/,l10n/,apps/,lib/composer/} -iname \*.sh -delete
find $@/{apps/,lib/composer/} -name travis -print | xargs rm -Rf
find $@/{apps/,lib/composer/} -name doc -print | xargs rm -Rf
rm -Rf $@/core/vendor/*/{.bower.json,bower.json,package.json,testem.json}
find $@/{core/,l10n/} -iname \*.sh -delete
find $@/{apps/,lib/composer/,core/vendor/} \( \
-name bin -o \
-name test -o \
-name tests -o \
-name examples -o \
-name demo -o \
-name demos -o \
-name doc -o \
-name travis -o \
-iname \*.sh \
\) -print | xargs rm -Rf
find $@/{apps/,lib/composer/} -iname \*.exe -delete
# Set build
$(eval _BUILD="$(shell date -u --iso-8601=seconds) $(shell git rev-parse HEAD)")
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