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Ignore exception when deleting keys of deleted user

Whenever a user was deleted for encryption where the keys are stored in
the home, we can ignore user existence exceptions because it means the
keys are already gone.
parent 6eb2adc5
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ use OC\Files\Filesystem;
use OC\Files\View;
use OCP\Encryption\Keys\IStorage;
use OCP\IUserSession;
use OC\User\NoUserException;
class Storage implements IStorage {
......@@ -138,8 +139,21 @@ class Storage implements IStorage {
* @inheritdoc
public function deleteUserKey($uid, $keyId, $encryptionModuleId) {
$path = $this->constructUserKeyPath($encryptionModuleId, $keyId, $uid);
return !$this->view->file_exists($path) || $this->view->unlink($path);
try {
$path = $this->constructUserKeyPath($encryptionModuleId, $keyId, $uid);
return !$this->view->file_exists($path) || $this->view->unlink($path);
} catch (NoUserException $e) {
// this exception can come from initMountPoints() from setupUserMounts()
// for a deleted user.
// It means, that:
// - we are not running in alternative storage mode because we don't call
// initMountPoints() in that mode
// - the keys were in the user's home but since the user was deleted, the
// user's home is gone and so are the keys
// So there is nothing to do, just ignore.
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