Commit 9f2f2821 authored by Joas Schilling's avatar Joas Schilling
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Merge pull request #16153 from owncloud/CopyEtagHeaderPlugin-noarg

[HHVM] \OC\Connector\Sabre\CopyEtagHeaderPlugin constructor does not take any arguments
parents 23442989 4f6ecd3d
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ class CopyEtagPluginTest extends \Test\TestCase {
public function setUp() {
$this->server = new \Sabre\DAV\Server();
$this->plugin = new \OC\Connector\Sabre\CopyEtagHeaderPlugin($this->tree);
$this->plugin = new \OC\Connector\Sabre\CopyEtagHeaderPlugin();
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