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Added test for 26182

parent d76a09c2
......@@ -886,3 +886,17 @@ Feature: sharing
When User "user0" empties trashbin
Then as "user1" the folder "sub" does not exist
Scenario: sharing again an own file while belonging to a group
Given As an "admin"
Given user "user0" exists
And group "sharing-group" exists
And user "user0" belongs to group "sharing-group"
And file "welcome.txt" of user "user0" is shared with group "sharing-group"
And Deleting last share
When sending "POST" to "/apps/files_sharing/api/v1/shares" with
| path | welcome.txt |
| shareWith | sharing-group |
| shareType | 1 |
Then the OCS status code should be "100"
And the HTTP status code should be "200"
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