Commit b6676c32 authored by Robin McCorkell's avatar Robin McCorkell
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Merge pull request #15046 from owncloud/exception-show-type

show exception type in debug mode
parents 1de6fa19 2df20aaf
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ style('core', ['styles', 'header']);
<li><?php p($l->t('Remote Address: %s', $_['remoteAddr'])) ?></li>
<li><?php p($l->t('Request ID: %s', $_['requestID'])) ?></li>
<?php if($_['debugMode']): ?>
<li><?php p($l->t('Type: %s', $_['errorClass'])) ?></li>
<li><?php p($l->t('Code: %s', $_['errorCode'])) ?></li>
<li><?php p($l->t('Message: %s', $_['errorMsg'])) ?></li>
<li><?php p($l->t('File: %s', $_['file'])) ?></li>
......@@ -217,6 +217,7 @@ class OC_Template extends \OC\Template\Base {
public static function printExceptionErrorPage(Exception $exception) {
$request = \OC::$server->getRequest();
$content = new \OC_Template('', 'exception', 'error', false);
$content->assign('errorClass', get_class($exception));
$content->assign('errorMsg', $exception->getMessage());
$content->assign('errorCode', $exception->getCode());
$content->assign('file', $exception->getFile());
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