Commit e6685d4b authored by Tom Needham's avatar Tom Needham Committed by Thomas Müller

Add workflow and search admin sections

parent 83960624
......@@ -200,8 +200,9 @@ class SettingsManager implements ISettingsManager {
new Section('security', $this->l->t('Security'), 90, 'password'),
new Section('authentication', $this->l->t('Authentication'), 87, 'user'),
new Section('encryption', $this->l->t('Encryption'), 85, 'password'),
new Section('workflow', $this->l->t('Workflows & Tags'), 85, 'tag'),
new Section('sharing', $this->l->t('Sharing'), 80, 'share'),
new Section('monitoring', $this->l->t('Monitoring'), 75, 'search'),
new Section('search', $this->l->t('Search'), 75, 'search'),
new Section('apps', $this->l->t('Apps'), 70, 'list'),
new Section('updates', $this->l->t('Updates'), 20, 'update'),
new Section('help', $this->l->t('Help & Tips'), -5, 'info'),
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