1. 10 Jan, 2017 1 commit
  2. 29 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      Bye bye submodule, hello Makefile! (#25513) · 005b3db0
      Thomas Müller authored
      * Remove subfolder
      * Add 3rdparty libraries to core composer
      * No longer load autoloader from 3rdparty
      * Fix require in OCPSinceChecker
      *  Remove strict mode from phpunit.xml
      * Adding lib/composer to .gitignore - devs need to run make to get composer and install the 3rdparty components
      Adding composer.lock file to pin version
      Adding Makefile
      Adding make call to Jenkinsfile
      * Fix unit tests to match sabre vobject version
      * Use explicit version of cssmin instead of master branch
      * Update guzzle to 5.3.1
      * Fixing composer calls
      * Fix makefile deps
      * Moved JS tests to Makefile
      Use make test-js to run them
      * Added bower deps in Makefile
      * Fix makefile
      * Fix composer phar dep
      * Remove bogus composer files
      * bye bye hhvm
      * Move php-lint to Makefile
      * Fix test-js
      * Adjust Jenkinsfile for JS tests
      * Bye-bye php 5.4 & 5.5
      * Move autotest*.sh and buildjsdoc.sh into build sub folder
      * Adjusted versions in bower.json
      * Fix bower deps to have fixed versions
      We should only change/save the versions when manually updating.
      This way the versions stay locked in place.
      * Fixed autotest scripts, added jsdoc rule
      * Added integration tests in Makefile
      * Fix for test-js makefile dep + other
      * Makefile vars and adjusted Jenkinsfile
      Added TEST_DATABASE and TEST_EXTERNAL to specify which env to test in.
      Adjusted Jenkinsfile
      * Add make command to update license file headers
      * Small tweaks in makefile
      * Add phpunit from composer
      * Fix composer autoloader
      Sometimes require_once would return true if the autoloader was already
      loaded previously from a previous run of PHPUnit
      * Fixed Makefile dependencies to only build them once
      This way composer.phar, composer libs, node js and core vendor libs are
      only fetched once. If make detects that the directory exists, it will
      skip the step. This is good for faster builds.
      * Makefile: separate dev and release deps
      * Fix travis
      * Handle error when composer was not called