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      Merge pull request #26893 from owncloud/fixobjectstorecreds · 5080895b
      Vincent Petry authored
      Update SystemConfig.php
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      Merge pull request #26846 from owncloud/tests-md5-homedir · 59e3a5fe
      Vincent Petry authored
      Enable testing env for alternative home folder formats
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      Merge pull request #26885 from MrKoopie/patch-1 · 0e87521b
      Vincent Petry authored
      Update .htaccess: add support for mod_lsapi
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      Added tests using v2.php · 99264a8a
      Sergio Bertolin authored
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      Start using prefixes · bd877f31
      Sergio Bertolin authored
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      Fixed failing test which was ignoring a required (not null) column (#26303) · e59ca22c
      Philipp Schaffrath authored
      * Fixed failing test which was ignoring a required (not null) column
      * restored test to original, catching DriverException which also catches ConstraintViolationException
      * catch ConstraintViolationException again
      * removed unnecessary field from this test
      * clobfield should be nullable
      * clobfield now is nullable
      * removed autoincrement since whenever this strategy is enabled, oracle would not throw constraint violation exceptions (needed for setValues), which mysql still does
      * this field does not auto increment anymore
      * mark integerfield as primary, since it is not getting marked as such through auto increment anymore,
      integerfield default always has been 0 instead of null
    • Philipp Schaffrath's avatar
      Filetype icons from themes (#26805) · 2e9d4521
      Philipp Schaffrath authored
      * corrected comment
      * provide information about the current enabled theme and save it in OC.currentTheme
      * *wip*: refactor mimeType icon render process, implement theme-app support
      * extracted alias logic into separate method, use core icons if theme has no icon
      * extracted comments into readme.md file, that way we don't need to filter them out in our code
      * make sure an app-theme uses the app name as its own name
      * refactored code, added methods to get filetype icons by directory and get legacy and app theme information
      * use the new OC.MimeTypeList.themes object which has icons
      * adding directory and icons was unnecessary since js gets the theme directory from the active theme itself
      * test app themes get app name as theme name, test theme name setter
      * added OC.getRootPath since it might be necessary for some special configurations (and tests suggest this)
      * mimetypes now use OC.currentTheme which contains both the name and the directory of the active theme
      also replaced deprecated webroot with getRootPath()
      * updated mimetypelist to the latest generated one, since the one in the repository was missing the example theme, an alias and had an error in its comment above
      * fixed type annotation
      * removed redundant wording, improved grammatic
      * return 1 and print error message if file could not be written
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · f9c1e90e
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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