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      Next step in server-to-server sharing next generation, see #12285 · 24993280
      Bjoern Schiessle authored
      Beside some small improvements and bug fixes this will probably the final state for OC8.
      To test this you need to set up two ownCloud instances. Let's say:
      URL: myPC/firstOwnCloud user: user1
      URL: myPC/secondOwnCloud user: user2
      Now user1 can share a file with user2 by entering the username and the URL to the second ownCloud to the share-drop-down, in this case "user2@myPC/secondOwnCloud".
      The next time user2 login he will get a notification that he received a server-to-server share with the option to accept/decline it. If he accept it the share will be mounted. In both cases a event will be send back to user1 and add a notification to the activity stream that the share was accepted/declined.
      If user1 decides to unshare the file again from user2 the share will automatically be removed from the second ownCloud server and user2 will see a notification in his activity stream that user1@myPC/firstOwnCloud has unshared the file/folder from him.
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      Adding new interface \OCP\Activity\IExtentsion · 8363f3c6
      Thomas Müller authored
      Adding method getNotificationTypes()
      Adding method filterNotificationTypes()
      Adding method getDefaultTypes()
      Adding method translate() and getTypeIcon()
      Adding method getGroupParameter()
      Adding method getNavigation()
      Adding method getNavigation()
      Adding method isFilterValid() and getQueryForFilter()
      Adding unit tests for \OC\ActivityManager