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    • Arthur Schiwon's avatar
      LDAP Wizard Overhaul · 5355c285
      Arthur Schiwon authored
      wizard refactor
      reimplement save spinners and cursor
      implement Port detector
      introduced detector queue, added base dn detector
      disable input fields when detectors are running
      introduce spinners for fields that are being updated by detector
      cache jq element objects
      consolidate processing of detector results in generic / abstract base class
      display notification if a detector discovered a problem
      don't run base dn detector if a base is configured
      reset detector queue on configuration switch
      implement functionality check and update of status indicator
      document ConfigModel
      jsdoc for controller and main view
      more documentation
      implement the user filter tab view
      so far the multiselects get initialized (not filled yet) and the mode can be switched.
      mode is also restored.
      reintroduce filter switch confirmation in admin XP mode
      new detector for user object classes. so we also load user object classes if necessary and are able to save and show the setting.
      multiselect trigger save actions now on close only
      show spinners automatically, when a detector is running
      20k limit for object classes preselection test
      adjust wordings, fix grammar
      add group (for users tab) detector
      also includes wording fixes
      error presentation moved from detectors to view, where it belongs
      add info label to users page
      missing wording changes
      show effective LDAP filter in Assisted Mode
      add user filter detector
      implement count button for users and limit all count actions to 1001 for performance reasons
      make port field a bit bigger. not perfect though.
      do not detect port automatically
      implement login filter tab view
      only load features in assisted mode and don't enable assisted fields while in raw mode
      add tooltips on login filter checkbox options for better understanding
      permanently show filter on login tab
      and also compile login filter in assisted mode
      test/verify button on login attributes tab, with backend changes.
      only run wizard requests if your an active tab. also run compile filter requests when switching to assisted mode
      underline toggle filter links to stress that they are clickable
      unity user and group tab functionality in common abstract class, add group filter tab view. only detectors and template adjustments left to have group tab implementation complete
      add object class and group detector for groups as well as filter composer
      show ldap filter permanently on groups tab
      introduce input element that can deal better with many groups, will be used with > 40
      fix disabling complex group chooser while detection is running
      hide complex group chooser on config switch
      fix few more issues with complex chooser
      make complex group chooser available on Users tab as well
      detect base dn improvements/changes:
      - do not look for Base DN automatically, offer a button instead
      - fix for alternative way to detect a base dn (if agent dn is not given)
      - do not trigger filter composers on config switch
      Changes with configuration chooser controls
      - "New" was removed out of the configuration list
      - and split into buttons "add" and "copy"
      - delete button is also now an icon
      add test button for Base DN
      reimplement advanced tab. The save button is gone.
      reimplement expert tab
      remove unused methods
      implement mail attribute detector
      implement user display name attribute detection
      implement member group association detector
      replace text input with textarea for raw filter input
      finish functionality check
      auto-enable good configurations, as it was before
      move save confirmation handling to base class, reduces code duplication
      enable tabs only if no running save processes are left.
      move onConfigLoaded to base class, avoids code duplication
      simplify, save LOCs
      Test Configuration button to be dealt with in main view as it is a cross-tab element
      require detectorQueue in constructor
      put bootstrap into a function and thus make it testable
      get rid of old stuff
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    • Arthur Schiwon's avatar
      LDAP User Cleanup: Port from stable7 without further adjustements · 4fa39250
      Arthur Schiwon authored
      LDAP User Cleanup
      background job for user clean up
      adjust user backend for clean up
      register background job
      remove dead code
      dependency injection
      make Helper non-static for proper testing
      check whether it is OK to run clean up job. Do not forget to pass arguments.
      use correct method to get the config from server
      methods can be private, proper indirect testing is given
      no automatic user deletion
      make limit readable for test purposes
      make method less complex
      add first tests
      let preferences accept limit and offset for getUsersForValue
      DI via constructor does not work for background jobs
      after detecting, now we have retrieving deleted users and their details
      we need this method to be public for now
      finalize export method, add missing getter
      clean up namespaces and get rid of unnecessary files
      helper is not static anymore
      cleanup according to scrutinizer
      add cli tool to show deleted users
      uses are necessary after recent namespace change
      also remove user from mappings table on deletion
      add occ command to delete users
      fix use statement
      improve output
      big fixes / improvements
      PHP doc
      return true in userExists early for cleaning up deleted users
      bump version
      control state and interval with one config.php setting, now ldapUserCleanupInterval. 0 will disable it. enabled by default.
      improve doc
      rename cli method to be consistent with  others
      introduce ldapUserCleanupInterval in sample config
      don't show last login as unix epoche start when no  login happend
      less log output
      consistent namespace for OfflineUser
      rename GarbageCollector to DeletedUsersIndex and move it to user subdir
      fix unit tests
      add tests for deleteUser
      more test adjustements
      add ldap:check-user to check user existance on the fly
      forgotten file
      PHPdoc fixes, no code change
      and don't forget to adjust tests
    • Arthur Schiwon's avatar
      Split mapping from Access and Helper classes into it's own. Fully test them, too. · ec0f80fe
      Arthur Schiwon authored
      remove unused methods
      split mapping methods off from Access class
      fix DB query handling
      move 'clear mapping' methods from static helper to new mapping class
      add tests
      test directly with DB
      finishing tests and fix return value from setDNbyUUID
      add corresponding class for groups and make abstract test class neutral. helper tests is now obsolete as the tested functions were moved to the new mapper class.
      add missing info to PHPDoc
      add unmap method
      fix namespaces
      fix test inheritance
      PHPDoc and a small code restructure for scrutinizer, no effective changes
      PostgreSQL does not accept LIMIT in DELETE queries
      phpdoc fixes, no code changes
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    • Arthur Schiwon's avatar
      Forward port of #12493 · ee168a12
      Arthur Schiwon authored
      add ldap-search command to occ
      LDAP search filter creation changes:
      1. do not prepend * wildcard to search terms. Will result in faster search, but
      you don't find "foobar"  when looking for "bar"
      2. advanced behaviour when search string contains a space and multiple search
      attributes are present. The search string is split into single words. The
      resulting filter requires that each word at least appears once in any search
      attribute. This is supposed to return better results in big LDAPs.
      trim search string before passing it on
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