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      Also select tables with wrong collation · fb60be64
      Vincent Petry authored
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      fix collation on utf8mb4 · 513d5c55
      Thomas Müller authored
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      Fixing ctor call · 4e225cb1
      Thomas Müller authored
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      Add config option to update charset of mysql to utf8mb4 · 3ff268c4
      Morris Jobke authored
      * fully optional
      * requires additional options set in the database
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      Provisioning api v2 should return 200 (#27076) · 599977ff
      Sergio Bertolín authored
      * Provisioning api v2 should return 200
      * Use the correct status code field in OCSController
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      Move settings registration to info.xml + merge 'personal' & 'admin' settings (#26449) · cc7944da
      Tom Needham authored
      * WIP to loading settings panels from info.xml
      * Handle legacy settings panels
      * Move over existing built in panels. Still needs JS work
      * Add language switcher
      * Delete old personal settings controller
      * Kill getName on IPanel
      * Fix sync client urls
      * Adding apps mgmt as admin section
      * Fix JS loading for personal settings panels: profile
      * Move shipped apps to new admin settings registration
      * Fix section styling on settings panels
      * - fix sort order sections
      - adjust some styling
      - remote filesexternal section - now provided by the app itself
      - code cleanup
      * Fix PHPDoc on public interface
      * Fix sharing settings loading in admin panel
      * Add some padding to help with UI
      * Add active navigation styling
      * Fix navigation to admin and add @deprecated label to old methods
      * Fix documentation link styling on panels and personal sort order
      * Fix logging and cron panels
      * Fix mail and files admin panels
      * Add quota to personal panels
      * Migrate encryption and external panels. Change ajax routes. Add error for when no panels exist.
      * Fix error message when no panels available
      * Move personal federated sharing panel
      * Remove old call to regsiterPersonal
      * Update route for changing password
      * Revert "Update route for changing password"
      This reverts commit c1ef3c1fbf98fc565efd72691dc2ed2ec9f83144.
      * Change routing to be backwards compatible
      * IPanel > ISettings
      * Merge admin and personal settings to one page
      * Port over admin set upload to new route
      * Load core css last, fix php doc
      * Fix security warnings panel and merge files_external
      * Fix sort order of admin panels
      * Revert earlier user.ini alteration
      * kil end php tags and add phpdoc
      * Add tests for settingsManager and settingsPageController
      * Fix indentation
      * Allow non-admins to access settings
      * Group encryption panels, remove legacy controllers
      * Migrate federation app to new settings panels
      * Use correct class on settings panel titles
      * In case a section is not found we create a dummy section
      * Add in browser sessions and rename apppassword panel to tokens
      * Add storage section and fix files_external personal panel
      * Fix error message when error retrieving panel
      * Remove old admin settings controller
      * Add framework of panel tests
      * More tests for settings panels
      * Add encryption app panel tests
      * Add unit tests for remaining panels
      * Add federation panel tests
      * Add federatedfilesharing admin panel test template
      * Add test for admin apps panel
      * Add DI for federatedfilesharing panel and add unit test
      * Fix DI for settings manager tests
      * Add getTransationIsolation to IDBConnection
      * App supplied sections should appear just above additional panels in the list
      * Add missing method getTransactionIsolation
      * Properly mock IFactory
      * Fix user profile panel tests
      * Fix broken profiles panel and settingsPageController tests
      * Allow BackgroundJobsTest to use legacy template functions with db
      * Fix files_external settings panel tests DI issues
      * Code style fixes
      * Fix route parameter name to match url
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · 33d92535
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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      Skip null groups in group manager (#26871) (#26956) · 58d43f1e
      Vincent Petry authored
      * Skip null groups in group manager (#26871)
      * Skip null groups in group manager
      * Also skip null groups in group manager's search function
      * Add more group null checks in sharing code
      * Add unit tests for null group safety in group manager
      * Add unit tests for sharing code null group checks
      * Added tests for null groups handling in sharing code
      * Ignore moveShare optional repair in mount provider
      In some cases, data is inconsistent in the oc_share table due to legacy
      data. The mount provider might attempt to make it consistent but if the
      target group does not exist any more it cannot work. In such case we
      simply ignore the exception as it is not critical. Keeping the
      exception would break user accounts as they would be unable to use
      their filesystem.
      * Adjust null group handing + tests
      * Fix new group manager tests
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · 8dfc27db
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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