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    LDAP User Cleanup: Port from stable7 without further adjustements · 4fa39250
    Arthur Schiwon authored
    LDAP User Cleanup
    background job for user clean up
    adjust user backend for clean up
    register background job
    remove dead code
    dependency injection
    make Helper non-static for proper testing
    check whether it is OK to run clean up job. Do not forget to pass arguments.
    use correct method to get the config from server
    methods can be private, proper indirect testing is given
    no automatic user deletion
    make limit readable for test purposes
    make method less complex
    add first tests
    let preferences accept limit and offset for getUsersForValue
    DI via constructor does not work for background jobs
    after detecting, now we have retrieving deleted users and their details
    we need this method to be public for now
    finalize export method, add missing getter
    clean up namespaces and get rid of unnecessary files
    helper is not static anymore
    cleanup according to scrutinizer
    add cli tool to show deleted users
    uses are necessary after recent namespace change
    also remove user from mappings table on deletion
    add occ command to delete users
    fix use statement
    improve output
    big fixes / improvements
    PHP doc
    return true in userExists early for cleaning up deleted users
    bump version
    control state and interval with one config.php setting, now ldapUserCleanupInterval. 0 will disable it. enabled by default.
    improve doc
    rename cli method to be consistent with  others
    introduce ldapUserCleanupInterval in sample config
    don't show last login as unix epoche start when no  login happend
    less log output
    consistent namespace for OfflineUser
    rename GarbageCollector to DeletedUsersIndex and move it to user subdir
    fix unit tests
    add tests for deleteUser
    more test adjustements
    add ldap:check-user to check user existance on the fly
    forgotten file
    PHPdoc fixes, no code change
    and don't forget to adjust tests