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Added PHP docs for etag propagator

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......@@ -10,6 +10,16 @@ namespace OCA\Files_External;
use OC\Files\Filesystem;
* Updates the etag of parent folders whenever a new external storage mount
* point has been created or deleted. Updates need to be triggered using
* the updateHook() method.
* There are two modes of operation:
* - for personal mount points, the etag is propagated directly
* - for system mount points, a dirty flag is saved in the configuration and
* the etag will be updated the next time propagateDirtyMountPoints() is called
class EtagPropagator {
* @var \OCP\IUser
......@@ -27,8 +37,10 @@ class EtagPropagator {
protected $config;
* @param \OCP\IUser $user
* @param \OC\Files\Cache\ChangePropagator $changePropagator
* @param \OCP\IUser $user current user, must match the propagator's
* user
* @param \OC\Files\Cache\ChangePropagator $changePropagator change propagator
* initialized with a view for $user
* @param \OCP\IConfig $config
public function __construct($user, $changePropagator, $config) {
......@@ -91,9 +103,10 @@ class EtagPropagator {
* Update etags for mount points for known user
* For global or group mount points, updating the etag for every user is not feasible
* instead we mark the mount point as dirty and update the etag when the filesystem is loaded for the user
* For personal mount points, the change is propagated directly
* @param array $params
* @param int $time
* @param array $params hook parameters
* @param int $time update time to use when marking a mount point as dirty
public function updateHook($params, $time = null) {
if ($time === null) {
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