Commit 3ee6fda8 authored by Thomas Müller's avatar Thomas Müller
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Merge pull request #20397 from owncloud/fix-carddav-lookup

Register DAVACL plugin to provide current-user-principal
parents 37c5edc2 83617328
......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@ class Server {
$this->server->addPlugin(new BlockLegacyClientPlugin(\OC::$server->getConfig()));
$this->server->addPlugin(new Plugin($authBackend, 'ownCloud'));
$this->server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAVACL\Plugin());
// wait with registering these until auth is handled and the filesystem is setup
$this->server->on('beforeMethod', function () {
// custom properties plugin must be the last one
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