Commit 479cee66 authored by Thomas Müller's avatar Thomas Müller
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Merge pull request #20034 from owncloud/icewind_streams_0.3.0

Bump 3rdparty for icewind/streams-0.3.0
parents 5c796143 ca6bd5ca
Subproject commit be700d4918627e06eb3e8c5f3b025911061badff
Subproject commit 5c7b18704773473f8f7846ef942fc958f449c977
......@@ -471,4 +471,13 @@ class Encryption extends Wrapper {
return parent::stream_seek($position);
* @param string $path
* @param array $options
* @return bool
public function dir_opendir($path, $options) {
return false;
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