Commit 62d54e4c authored by Morris Jobke's avatar Morris Jobke
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fix files external test run and add common-tests option

parent adc986f3
......@@ -42,6 +42,11 @@ then runs the unit test suite from `backends/webdav.php` (because the middle par
the name of the script is `webdav`) and finally tries to call
`` for cleanup purposes.
If `common-tests` is supplied as second argument it will skip the backend specific
part completely and just run the common files_external unit tests:
./ sqlite common-tests
## The more manual way of unit test execution
If you want to debug your external storage provider, you maybe don't want to
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ function print_syntax {
echo -e "\nExample: ./ sqlite webdav-ownCloud" >&2
echo "will run the external suite from \"apps/files_external/tests/env/\"" >&2
echo -e "\nIf no arguments are specified, all available external backends will be run with all database configs" >&2
echo -e "\nIf you specify 'common-tests' as startfile it will just run the tests that are independent from the backends" >&2
if ! [ -x "$PHPUNIT" ]; then
......@@ -219,14 +220,18 @@ EOF
# just enable files_external
php ../occ app:enable files_external
if [ -z "$NOCOVERAGE" ]; then
#"$PHPUNIT" --configuration phpunit-autotest-external.xml --log-junit "autotest-external-results-$1.xml" --coverage-clover "autotest-external-clover-$1.xml" --coverage-html "coverage-external-html-$1"
"$PHPUNIT" --configuration phpunit-autotest-external.xml --log-junit "autotest-external-results-$1.xml" --coverage-clover "autotest-external-clover-$1.xml" --coverage-html "coverage-external-html-$1"
echo "No coverage"
#"$PHPUNIT" --configuration phpunit-autotest-external.xml --log-junit "autotest-external-results-$1.xml"
"$PHPUNIT" --configuration phpunit-autotest-external.xml --log-junit "autotest-external-results-$1.xml"
if [ -n "$2" -a "$2" == "common-tests" ]; then
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