Commit 8af346a8 authored by Lukas Reschke's avatar Lukas Reschke
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Don't show favicon to prevent iteration through subfolders

The codepath for generating the favicons iterates through subnodes and if one of those nodes is unavailable is throwing a 503 exception. Since these favicons don't have any use except of "making a tool for developers looking nicer" I consider it feasible to remove them.
parent c749570a
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ $server->setBaseUri($baseuri);
$defaults = new OC_Defaults();
$server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\Auth\Plugin($authBackend, $defaults->getName()));
$server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\Locks\Plugin($lockBackend));
$server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\Browser\Plugin(false)); // Show something in the Browser, but no upload
$server->addPlugin(new \Sabre\DAV\Browser\Plugin(false, false)); // Show something in the Browser, but no upload
$server->addPlugin(new OC_Connector_Sabre_FilesPlugin());
$server->addPlugin(new OC_Connector_Sabre_MaintenancePlugin());
$server->addPlugin(new OC_Connector_Sabre_ExceptionLoggerPlugin('webdav'));
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