Commit 980dd4d2 authored by Morris Jobke's avatar Morris Jobke
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replace double quotes with single quotes

parent fef9d421
......@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@ class OC {
if ($config->getSystemValue('installed', false) && $config->getSystemValue('log_rotate_size', false) && !\OCP\Util::needUpgrade()) {
//don't try to do this before we are properly setup
//use custom logfile path if defined, otherwise use default of owncloud.log in data directory
\OCP\BackgroundJob::registerJob('OC\Log\Rotate', $config->getSystemValue('logfile', $config->getSystemValue("datadirectory", OC::$SERVERROOT . '/data') . '/owncloud.log'));
\OCP\BackgroundJob::registerJob('OC\Log\Rotate', $config->getSystemValue('logfile', $config->getSystemValue('datadirectory', OC::$SERVERROOT . '/data') . '/owncloud.log'));
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