Commit cd2c238b authored by Morris Jobke's avatar Morris Jobke
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Merge pull request #11319 from owncloud/header-owncloud-name

for whitelabeled edition, show branding name (e.g. 'ownCloud') instead of appname in header bar
parents 3a16b1bb 185f442d
......@@ -53,7 +53,13 @@
<a href="#" class="menutoggle">
<div class="header-appname">
<?php p(!empty($_['application'])?$_['application']: $l->t('Apps')); ?>
if(OC_Util::getEditionString() === '') {
p(!empty($_['application'])?$_['application']: $l->t('Apps'));
} else {
<div class="icon-caret svg"></div>
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