Commit e81c2a49 authored by Joas Schilling's avatar Joas Schilling
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Merge pull request #12622 from owncloud/disable-for-all

Disable when no sendmail is available
parents 4d53f163 e1e80317
......@@ -102,9 +102,12 @@ class LostControllerTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {
public function testEmailSuccessful() {
if (\OC_Util::runningOnWindows()) {
// FIXME after OC_Mail refactor
$this->markTestSkipped('[Windows] sendmail is not supported on windows');
* FIXME: Disable test for systems where no sendmail is available since code is static.
* @link
if (is_null(\OC_Helper::findBinaryPath('sendmail'))) {
$this->markTestSkipped('sendmail is not available');
$randomToken = $this->container['SecureRandom'];
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