Commit e8c3e331 authored by Clark Tomlinson's avatar Clark Tomlinson
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Merge pull request #14490 from owncloud/remove-unused-deprecated-code

Remove unused and deprecated Code
parents 921a76ae de44a2b2
......@@ -1286,16 +1286,6 @@ class OC_Util {
return \OC::$server->getSecureRandom()->getMediumStrengthGenerator()->generate($length, \OCP\Security\ISecureRandom::CHAR_LOWER.\OCP\Security\ISecureRandom::CHAR_DIGITS);
* Checks if a secure random number generator is available
* @return true
* @deprecated Function will be removed in the future and does only return true.
public static function secureRNGAvailable() {
return true;
* Get URL content
* @param string $url Url to get content
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