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      Merge pull request #17838 from owncloud/sharing-password-policy-master · 11244736
      Thomas Müller authored
      Use a hook to integrate sharing password verification
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      Merge pull request #17755 from owncloud/alias-container-alive · 1f8ee610
      Thomas Müller authored
       Add registerAlias method to shortcut interface registration #17714 
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      Add an update script to reset the value · 20cf8ec2
      Joas Schilling authored
      In case encryption was not enabled, we accidently set encrypted = 1 for
      files inside mount points, since 8.1.0. This breaks opening the files in
      8.1.1 because we fixed the code that checks if a file is encrypted.
      In order to fix the file, we need to reset the flag of the file. However,
      the flag might be set because the file is in fact encrypted because it was
      uploaded at a time where encryption was enabled.
      So we can only do this when:
      - Current version of ownCloud before the update is 8.1.0 or 8.2.0.(0-2)
      - Encryption is disabled
      - files_encryption is not known in the app config
      If the first two are not the case, we are save. However, if files_encryption
      values exist in the config, we might have a false negative here.
      Now if there is no file with unencrypted size greater 0, that means there are
      no files that are still encrypted with "files_encryption" encryption. So we
      can also safely reset the flag here.
      If this is not the case, we go with "better save then sorry" and don't change
      the flag but write a message to the ownCloud log file.
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      Merge pull request #17849 from owncloud/remove-commented-code · f558b307
      Roeland Douma authored
      Remove commented code
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · b757f9c8
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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