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      Create config if it does not exists · bd520d2e
      Lukas Reschke authored
      The codepath that is executed when executing ownCloud via CLI is different than via browser. Specifically, the config is created by the user session already in `OC_Util::getInstanceId()` by a call to `setValue`. That said, this seems to be quite a bad side-effect, but for the sake of "not breaking whatever might break if we touch this" let's keep it that way for now.
      When executing the autoconfig via `php -f index.php` the said session was not setup and thus no `config/config.php` file was created resulting in an installation error.
      To reproduce this try to setup ownCloud via `php -f index.php` with and without that patch. (ensure to delete all existing configs before and don't access ownCloud with a browser in the meantime)
      Fixes itself.
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · 94eb2e78
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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      Merge pull request #12636 from owncloud/fix-ie9-placeholder · bfb519cc
      Raghu Nayyar authored
      fix placeholder fake in IE8 & 9 that brokes group listing in user manage...
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