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      Merge pull request #12830 from owncloud/intelligent-container · 40330bf4
      Thomas Müller authored
      Intelligent container
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      Merge pull request #13008 from owncloud/db-connection-test-cleanup · ddcb4227
      Morris Jobke authored
      Clean up test table in Connection Test to prevent unnecessary failures.
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      Merge pull request #10292 from owncloud/external-share-delete · 5352b4b2
      Morris Jobke authored
      Fix trashbin when deleting a file over an external share
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      Intelligent container · f1951237
      Bernhard Posselt authored
      * resolves dependencies by type hint or variable name
      * simpler route.php
      * implementation of https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/12829
      Generates and injects parameters automatically. You can now build full classes like
      without having to register it as a service. The resolved object's instance will be saved by using registerService. If a constructor parameter is not type hinted, the parameter name will be taken.
      Therefore the following two implementations are identical:
          class Class1 { function __construct(MyClassName $class)
          class Class1 { function __construct($MyClassName)
      This makes it possible to also inject primitive values such as strings, arrays etc.
      In addition if the query could not be resolved, a `QueryException` is now thrown
      Routes can now be returned as an array from `routes.php` and an `appinfo/application.php` is optional
      Old commit messages:
      make it possible to return the routes instead of having to intialize the application
      try to get the controller by convention
      add first implementation of automatic resolve
      add another test just to be sure
      store the resolved object
      more tests
      add phpdoc to public app.php method
      use the same variable for the public app.php method
      deprecate old methods and add services for public interfaces
      deprecated getServer method
      disallow private api injection for apps other than core or settings (settings should be an app goddamnit :D)
      register userid because its such an often used variable
      fix indention and leading slash
      use test namespace
      add deprecation reasons, remove private api usage checks and remove deprecation from getServer()
      add additional public interfaces
      add public interface for rootfolder
      fix syntax error
      remove deprecation from methods where no alternative is there yet
      remove deprecated from method which has no alternative
      add timezone public service for #12881
      add another deprecation hint
      move deprecation into separate branch
      remove dead comment
      first try to get the namespace from the info.xml, if it does not exist, just uppercase the first letter
      also trim the namespace name
      add an interface for timefactory
      move timefactory to public and add icontrollermethodreflector
      keep core interface
      fix copyright date in headers
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      [tx-robot] updated from transifex · d8f04f5a
      Jenkins for ownCloud authored
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